Three Blessings – Day Four

Today’s Three Blessings – The what’s and the why’s?

1. The married couple at the coffee shop
Every morning while the cool kids are buying their trendy single origin coffees, I walk into the same coffee shop to get my perfect extra shot soy latte. The Italian couple behind the counter are amazing. N, is boisterous, argumentative, and in a grump every morning, but you can’t help liking her. Her husband, B, churns out a dozen coffees in 30 seconds, it’s miraculous really. Every morning without fail, they make me laugh or smile with their argumentative, over-exaggerated Italian playfulness. Mornings are a bitch for most people but these guys are the antidote. They really make my day everyday and I have coffee to thank for it.

2. Mum
Even as an adult, you have those days where things get too much and there’s nothing like some reassurance from Mum. I’m grateful she’s still around and though dumping problems on her is the last thing she needs, if I don’t open up to her then she can’t help me out.

3. Stu the copywriter
He’s a contractor taking on word-smithing duties for this job I’ve been busting my arse to get out. He knows everything about everything. Useless facts, the origins of common phrases, the original artist of a cover song, every conspiracy theory under the sun. He sings out loud, burps out loud and swears out loud. In such an uptight workspace, he brings the place to life. If I hadn’t taken this job, I’d never have met him.

The Three Blessings practice was designed by Dr Martin Seligman, to help re-focus our thoughts on positive experiences, rather than the negative ones we tend to wallow in.


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