Three Blessings – Day Two

Today’s Three Blessings – The what’s and the why’s?

1. Winning tickets to see The Grand Budapest Hotel
Always sceptical about competitions and the chances of winning, I thought I’d enter a competition during my so-called lunch break (5 minutes long), since lately I’ve had more than enough at work. Seeing the congratulatory email was one of the nicest surprises in my inbox – better yet, it’s screening at the cinema by the Sydney Opera House so it’s more like a double win. All this just goes to show that you do have to be in it to win it, and I think that’s why this little blessing came to be.

2. Customer service with an authentic smile
A huge bonus of working in Sydney’s inner-city is the plethora of great places to buy fresh and healthy meals – something I missed while I was over in Ol’ Blighty. City Edge on Reservoir Street makes sandwiches and salads that’ll have you pining for them a day later and it’s been my latest obsession.

Though good food is pretty much everywhere, what’s rarer to find in Sydney among the vain, ill-mannered population, is decent customer service. So combining genuine kindness and good food = lunch-time heaven. That said, to the name-less guy at City Edge (Tommy?), thanks for being super polite to me as I paid, and flashing me the kindest of smiles. Maybe because I’m trying to live as kindly as possible, this blessing came about? Oh, I don’t know really. But it did make my day.

3. Being thanked for putting in the hard yards.
I’ve been working over 42 hours a week in a job I had doubts about from the start. It’s not just me working on the job, but a team of people, and the directors of the company haven’t said thanks once, or even offered to buy dinner or a case of beer for us. So my third blessing was  the thank you I received as I was walking out the door last night. It wasn’t from senior management, just someone I’ve worked closely with, and it’s nice to know my efforts are noticed. And I think that blessing happened because I’ve been working my ass off and doing the best I can.


The Three Blessings practice was designed by Dr Martin Seligman, to help re-focus our thoughts on positive experiences, rather than the negative ones we tend to wallow in.


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