Brainpickings and Dr Martin Seligman

Amongst the masses of email junk I filter through daily, there are some gems I take the time to read because of the little joys they bring. One such e-newsletter comes from

Fearing that I might be slipping back into the dark hole of depression, I’ve decided to take up the Three Blessings practice Brainpickings just introduced me to. The Three Blessings practice was devised by Dr Martin Seligman, a founder of Positive Psychology which in summary, helps us to focus on living a fulfilled life, rather than treating mental illness.

The Three Blessings practice is designed to help re-focus our thoughts on positive experiences, rather than the negative ones we tend to wallow in, as it’s these negative thoughts that can lead to anxiety and depression. Each day, by writing down three experiences that went well and why they went well, our thought processes change, and by the end of it, we should be feeling “less depressed, happier, and addicted to this exercise six months from now,” according to Seligman.

So it seems pretty simple to me and if that’s the end result, well, I’m in.


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